About us


Who we are

Corinna Linner (please see CV) is a chartered auditor and has been holding leading offices as CEO and CFO also at international corporations in different operation fields of various markets from which she has gained a valuable background and expertise. She and her team understand all sides of any business. The executive team is in a position to operate as a consultant, a manager, and a user.

Our field knowledge expands at 360 degrees and in many areas. We cover areas from financial services, building contracting, tourist operators, equipment development and production, IT and marketing up to automobile and service supplies.
In the framework of our international operations, we can view and process global development issues from a special perspective. We are all living in a global, cabled world where competition issues are getting relentlessly more serious. If this means more chances on one side, it is also true that we are all bound to carry more risks. For this, we have the right level of competence and reliability to support you.

Our expertise in financial and industrial economy will be highly beneficial to you and your teams. Moreover, we can use our background expertise to develop solutions that are tailored on your situations.  We know from our experience that there are increasingly more approaches to the various requirements of each operation field.